Autumn 2009, we got an idea, to make in Slovakia workshops for dancers and bring to Slovakia worlds top dancers and choreographers. From the first contact, couple of visits Los Angeles, after one and a half year september 24th 2011 came to Slovakia first names Keone Madrid a Mari Martin.


We introduced Keone Madrid and Mari Martin, lectors from San Diego (USA), on September 24th 2011. 5 workshops were held that day, two by each lector and one collab (together both Keone and Mari). Event was successful, the tickets were sold in a week and dancers from the Czech Republic and from all over Slovakia took part in it.

Venue: Športová hala Mladosť, Bratislava


After vol.1 being so successful, we have adjusted vol.2  a bit according to people requests. The workshops will be held simultaneously in several rooms. Classes for top level dancers will alternate with classes for general public and beginners.

We are going to introduce dance lectors from San Francisco and Los Angeles, Jaffar Smith, Pat Cruz and Miguel Zarante, on March 31st and April 1st 2012. There will also be introduced well-known Bratislava dance schools, such as Street dance Academy, Hip Hop Fakulta, Elledance ,River Dance School. These classes are intended for general public and will be for free. We are very happy because dancers from abroad, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Poland, are interested in participating, as well.

Venue: Aircraft Sporthouse, Ivánska cesta 30/B, Bratislava